Connections to Culture: Bill Holm Center Grants

Grant Opportunities

The Bill Holm Center offers research grants to Native artists and other researchers as well as University of Washington graduate students who are interested in Northwest Native Art. Applications are reviewed by the Bill Holm Center advisory board and awarded once a year.  

The Bill Holm Center now offers our foundational Visiting Researcher Grant with optional "add-ons" to supplement the grant including accompanying researchers, public demonstrations in the artist studio, and/or onsite workshops. Visiting Researcher Grants are awarded for a period of 1-3 days of research time, 2 travel days, and any additional days needed for demonstrations or workshops. Grant funds to cover meals, transportation, and lodging. 

Applicants may also apply for additional funding for the following opportunities:

  • Travel for additional mentors, apprentices, elders, and colleagues.
  • Hourly compensation for demonstrations in the Artist Studio 
  • Onsite collections-based workshop supplies and artist fees.  

Virtual collections access before/after in-person visits are also available.

For additional details and full overview please see our BHC Grants Overview PDF linked here.

About Us

The Bill Holm Center for the Study of Northwest Coast Art was established at the Burke Museum in 2003 to continue Bill Holm's legacy at the Burke Museum, which has made it one of the premier centers for the study of Native arts of the Pacific Northwest Coast. The Bill Holm Center mission is to:

  • Establish a globally accessible learning center at the Burke Museum
  • Promote scholarly research on Northwest Coast Native art
  • Increase Native and public access to research resources
  • Foster appreciation and understanding of Native art of the Pacific Northwest Coast

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